Where to Begin - Focus Modules

1 - Begin students in JUST THE FACTS (Yellow). Pre-test/post-test data gathered here populates assessment and dashboard tools, so you can track and observe proficiencies and trends.

2 - VERY IMPORTANT FACTS™ (Blue) instructional videos & digital activities teach foundational facts and strengthen mental math abilities.

3 - PRACTICE GYMs (Burgundy) address fluency and strengthen proficiency. (Use the GOALS INDEX on your Homepage to monitor progress of the whole class and guide students toward specific goals.)

4 - BONUS GAMES (Purple) offer an open palette of activities that allow students to practice math concepts in many different ways. Given choices, children investigate and explore math on their own. Equally important, these activities are not timed, and can satisfy the needs of all types of learners.

Offer encouragement along the way! Award Player of the Day certificates or Brag Tags each day as a student take-home award!

The beauty and true power of FIM is flexibility! Allow students to explore, or focus them on activities you know will propel growth and allow you to assess their progress.

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