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Bethlehem Area School District Creates Math Achievement Record With First In Math® Online Program

Third graders from the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) have set a record in math achievement using the First In Math (FIM) Online Program. FIM is an online math-practice tool for grades K through 8. Implemented in 5,000 schools in the US and abroad, this unique curriculum supplement has impacted more than 20 million students since its inception.


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April 24, 2020

On March 10, it was clear that school closures in India, US, and the UK were going into effect sooner rather than later due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. Our founder & inventor, Robert Sun, launched a global First In Math Online initiative to ensure schools could continue to engage students with mathematics. Lack of math practice = loss of skill retention & increasing fluency gap. That happens when a subject has spiraling curriculum. It has been deeply satisfying to see schools come on board quickly to prevent the "math skills slide". Since March, more than 60,000 new classrooms have registered. The important question is, "are they doing the math"? Yes, and then some! The number of problems solved since closure is 153,648,203 & rising. We are blessed to serve children from rural Jharkhand to elite academies in Pennsylvania, to schools of New York City. FIM works for any child, at any skill level, from any socio-economic background, in any country. The power of math does not differentiate a race, culture, country, color, or income!

Monica Patel, CEO
First In Math India Pvt. Ltd.

April 22, 2020

4.35 million math problems solved by VF Elementary kids just this school year with First in Math. #ButterflyEffect They are planting seeds for the future in math, science, coding & finance work.

Jennifer Kling, Elementary STEM, SASD
Souderton, PA (via Twitter)

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"I got to use First In Math as a supplementary app...I'm trying to get it for the rest of my school. My students absolutely love it!! They love the rewards and being a FIM winner of the day."

Natasha L. - Grade 3 Teacher
(CLEVER - Verified User)