Family Link | Parent Connection


The support of parents is an essential component of the education process. With a First In Math Family Link® login, parents have access to actual curriculum-based content, facilitating the connection between home and school. 

How do I get a Family Link® login?

Students earn one FREE User ID/Password to share with a parent or sibling! A Family Link User ID appears on the student Homepage when they reach SCHOLAR status (500 stickers). Family Link players have full access to site content 24/7, and automatically become part of their own exciting, friendly FIM competition! (Note: Family Link is only provided with school subscriptions, and is not available for individual accounts)

PARENTS: Welcome to the First In Math family!

Our student-centered activities increase problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities, and boost vital math skills for every type of learner. Encourage 10 or 15 minutes of math exploration each day! (FIM How & Why slideshow) | (Quick Start Guide PDF)

First In Math Activities

EGGSTRA fun with First In Math! Click the link to download and print the APRIL EGG CHALLENGE page! Have your child PLAY any First In Math games for 10 minutes a day then color one egg for each 10 minutes they play. When all your eggs are colored they will have practiced math skills for 100 MINUTES!!! (No printer? Students can still play for at least 10 minutes each day and earn stickers for their school TEAM!)

Waiting for your turn on the family computer? Download, print & take your time with this FIM Wordfind - no math, but still fun!