Very Important Facts (VIFs)

The quickest path to fact fluency

Using clear, concise instructional videos uniquely integrated with digital games, the VIFs® (Very Important Facts) system helps students become automatic with basic facts, better preparing them for higher-level math. Our three-tier system isolates essential rules and fundamentals that students must master to develop automaticity—instead of hundreds of facts they are typically expected to memorize.

Linear progression

Students stay focused in areas that need improvement until they become proficient enough to move on to the next skill. Once solid foundations are built, students learn how to decompose numbers and discover a straightforward way to add and subtract numbers—even double digits.

In school or at home

Kids can work on VIFs—or any of our hundreds of games—in school or at home. First in Math is the perfect solution for parents who ask that important question, 'What can I do to help my child with math?'

Real success

“My daughter was never interested in maths. In just two months, she became confident...with the VIFs Module, her calculations have become quick and accurate.” —Ms. Vishakha, Mother & Senior Maths Teacher for Grades 9 & 10, Ryan Global School, Mumbai, India.

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