K-2 World

K2 WORLD introduces basic skills in a stress-free environment and is comprised of developmentally-appropriate games for students in Kindergarten, Grade 1 & Grade 2. Most games require no reading and make math fun and cool — use them to improve focus and help establish daily, short-term goals. 

Young children of all ability levels thrive when engaged in a series of short-term tasks where success is within their reach. Shape & pattern recognition, number lines, early fact fluency and the introduction of computational thinking concepts provide successful math experiences that foster a lifelong love of learning.

Building basic fluency early is key. Many middle- and high-school students express an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers but are are not proficient enough in math! These games are designed to help young learners acquire and retain essential math skills.

Additional Pre-K Focus

Students classified in the EARLY Focus category have access to a Pre-K Hub that features five games focusing on the same basic concepts at an even simpler level.

Just some of the concepts K-2 and Pre-K games strengthen:

• Patterns can be described, generalized & extended based upon physical attributes or positions.
• The relative numerical value of collections can be determined through comparison.
• Objects can be described by attributes, properties, measurements & location.
• Objects can be classified and organized based on attributes.
• The same pattern can be represented in many different forms.
• Relationships between and among numbers can be described in a systematic way.
• Attributes can be determined through composing and decomposing shapes & solids.
• Information about attributes can be organized to see relationships.
• Show relationships through number patterns; extend understanding of number properties & operations.
• In the base-10 system, number relationships can be described / represented in a variety of ways.
• Attributes can be compared by applying measurement to an object, situation or event.
• The same information can be organized in different ways.

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