Students Thankful for First In Math

Students Thankful for First In Math

EASTON, PA—Throughout the year, First In Math creator Robert Sun receives letters from educators, parents and students, but none are so special as letters of thanks received during the holiday season. We would like to share some thoughts that students at Sun’s alma mater—St. Francis de Sales School in Philadelphia, PA—recently sent to him.

Students offer thanks for FIM to Robert Sun
St. Francis de Sales students fashioned this beautiful envelope to hold their letters to Sun.

“Math wasn’t always my strongest subject, in fact it was my worst. When First In Math was introduced to me, I assumed it was just another website. I tried it out—and it helped me understand things in math that I never understood before! My math grades went up to the 90’s! I would like to thank you for offering me the opportunity to excel in math. The program may be small to others, but it means the world to me!"  Sincerely, Chastidy S.

“Thank you so much for First In Math. When I’m at home and all my homework is done, I usually go to my computer and play on First In Math. It really helps me. I play games that relate to what I’m learning to help me understand it more. First In Math is a big help when it comes to school." Sincerely, Makeda W.

“Every Tuesday my class spends a whole period playing First In Math. I feel like that’s important because every time I play, my math skills improve and I become even better. Thank you for creating a program like this so that whenever I have some confusion on a certain topic I can go play First In Math and gain understanding of it." Thank you, Soortuu T.

“I am thankful for First In Math at our school. I’m happy about all the teachers who let us play First In Math, it helps us practice our math skills. I love this school, more because of how much First In Math has made me more smart!" Happy Holidays! Christopher J.

“I just wanted to say Thank You for First In Math because it helps us a lot. When we play we get smarter. Thank you for all the games that help us learn. All the games are fun, even though they are about math. God bless you!" Sincerely, Janilda.

“I would like to thank you for the creation of First In Math. Every year my goal is to exceed the number of stickers I had in previous years. It has affected me in a positive way. I have learned my multiplication skills, to look out for patterns, recognizing and memorizing different graphs and easily working with fractions and decimals. All the fundamentals of math have become simple, and easier for me to compute. I feel like math has become an asset to me. Math used to be a dread for me, but I have gotten so used to knowing simple skills that math now comes fast and easy to me. I have so much thanks to give you, Bob Sun, for this wonderful creation." Sincerely, Justin C.

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