Students Make A Strong Case for First In Math

Students Make A Strong Case for First In Math

SAN DIEGO, CA—In March, a group of Valencia Park Elementary students who call themselves “Crockett’s Achievers” wrote a proposal to their teacher, Tamyka Crockett, offering 20 reasons why the First In Math Online program should be purchased for their classroom.

Crockett's Achievers
All 19 “Crockett’s Achievers” from Room 204 at Valencia ES contributed to the First In Math proposal.

Crockett shared the letter with Principal Lori Moore, who requested a meeting with some of the students. “The students prepared their evidence to argue the claim that First in Math is beneficial for all. These future leaders, lawyers, and CEOs convinced Ms. Moore—and a panel—that First in Math is worth the time and money to improve math fluency school wide,” says Crockett.

Each student offered a reason, and together they added one more, for a total of 20 reasons why they felt First in Math was necessary to their math education. Here are some highlights:

•  It allows you to practice skills in depth. (Yehira)
•  Everyone in the school will have access. Students with iPads can’t use some
    other programs. (Mason)
•  It helps with math fluency. (Anthony)
•  First in Math is challenging. (Kassidy)
•  First in Math is fun! (Kaelyn)
•  You have opportunities to try again without feeling bad. (Chloe)
•  More choices, you don’t feel stuck. (Ajani)
•  You can control your learning. (Melanie R)
•  Sound effects and graphics are modern. (Marissa)
•  Headphones aren’t a necessity. (Alyson)
•  First in Math updates with new games. (Julissa)
•  We like the announcements for Player and Team of the Week. (Melanie A)
•  Competition among fellow students. (Alexander)
•  Families can play together! (Room 204)

Principal Moore believes that the First In Math program should be a good fit for her students. “We are one of four schools in the San Diego Unified School District that received a three-year grant to build STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) at our school. This will enable us to integrate rigorous academic concepts with real world experiences.”

Crockett is proud of her students, and she enjoys working with them every day. “Teaching is my passion. These students want to learn, and the letter they wrote to me is a great example of that. I see great things in these kids as learners—and as people.”

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