Inventor’s India Journey Continues

Inventor’s India Journey Continues

MUMBAI, INDIA—First In Math creator Robert Sun’s first trip to India has already encompassed many highlights, including a wedding, meetings, fabulous food and incredible hospitality.

Robert Sun - Visit to India
Left: Sun enjoys morning tea at a relaxing outdoor café. Right: Sun is welcomed with a traditional dance and musical performance.

Sun’s visit to India culminates with today’s address to school leaders at the 76th annual Indian Public Schools (IPSC) Conclave at The Lawrence School, a premier residential school in Ooty. The IPSC is a prestigious group of 78 of the top-ranked residential schools in India.

The evening before the Conclave, Sun and Monica Patel, First In Math India Pvt. Ltd. CEO, attended dinner with Mr. Dilip Thakore, editor of Education World. (See related)

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