First In Math Named 2020 AACPS Partner of the Year

First In Math Named 2020 AACPS Partner of the Year

EASTON, PA—First in Math®, and its parent company, Suntex International Inc., have been named 2020 Anne Arundel County Public Schools Business Partner of the Year. Due to COVID-19 closures, the announcement was made on Twitter on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, after a week-long social media celebration recognizing all 19 of this year’s nominees.

Robert Sun, inventor of the 24® Game and creator of the First In Math Online Program, records a long-distance message about his company's 2020 Business Partner of the Year award.

First In Math creator, Robert Sun, was proud to accept the award. "We were delighted to be nominated by the AACPS Elementary Mathematics Office, and then to be selected as one of the AACPS Business Partners of the Year—it's thrilling."

"2020 has been a year of many ups and downs. This honor is a definite UP," explains Sun, who says he is grateful to AACPS students, parents, teachers, educators, principals, and leadership for giving the First In Math team an opportunity to work closely with such an exceptional district.

In recognition of the Office of Elementary Math Department's close partnership with First In Math, Amanda Salveron, Coordinator of Elementary Mathematics for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, recorded a congratulatory message posted on Twitter and other social media channels. "Because of your partnership, elementary—and now middle schools—are better problem-solvers and mathematicians, solving millions of math problems on the First In Math platform. Teachers and staff have grown because of your ongoing support, and we are all better because of you."

As is the case with any good partnership, both parties continue to grow. Sun says he is proud that during the school closings AACPS students "never skipped a beat and continued working on and improving their math skills. With well-thought-out suggestions from the talented group of professionals in the AACPS Math Department, we have been able to add new features to First In Math that benefit all students who use the program."

According to Sun, one of the people who made the partnership work so well is Elementary Mathematics Resource Teacher, Penny Alberti. "Her professionalism and lively personality made everything run smoothly. We are sad to be saying goodbye, but we’re are very happy for her as she enters retirement."

“We are grateful to Amanda Salveron, and we greatly appreciate the dedication the district shows to their staff, students and families, so as we thank them for the recognition, we also wish them all a well-deserved summer break, and look forward to continuing our partnership in the 2020/2021 school year!"

"Our school system is incredibly grateful for the support First in Math has provided our students, teachers, and school community," says Lauren Grey-Hawkins, Business & Communication Specialist for AACPS.

Per an AACPS press release, the school system depends on community and business partners to ensure that students have opportunities to explore their personal interests, and engage in unique learning experiences. Winners were selected in three categories: Service & Small Non-Profit Organizations; Businesses with under 50 employees; Businesses with 50 or more employees.

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