Student Achievements - 10X Grand Champion

"An Algebra Success Story"

Count on First In Math’s ALGEBRA SUITE: An innovative solution to one of our most entrenched problems in mathematics education and the most frequently-failed high-school course — Algebra.


"First In Math World Champion Eric Stefanica"

First In Math two-time world champion Eric Stefanica says that the moment you understand math, it becomes a part of your life. He — and millions of other kids — are using First In Math to unlock their "math self"!


"Celebrating 190 First In Math Grand Champions at Wedgwood Elementary School"

First In Math creates a culture of math fun! Watch Wedgwood Elementary students cheer each other on, and celebrate being contributing members of the school's math TEAM!


"Spring Garden Elementary's Grand Champion Celebration"

First In Math inventor, ROBERT SUN, is joined by Pennsylvania Rep. Steve Samuelson and Bethlehem Area School District Assistant Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer Jack Silva at a celebration to honor Spring Garden Elementary School's Grand Champions. These students use First In Math's online games to approach math without fear and reach their academic goals!


"Eric Stefanica: 10X First In Math Grand Champion"

Eric Stefanica - 2022 First In Math National Champion

Eric Stefanica is the #1 Player, All Grades, in the First In Math® Online Program for the 2021-2022 school year!

Currently attending fourth grade at P.S. 144Q - Col Jeromus Remsen School in Community School District 28 in New York, Eric amassed more than 95,000 Stickers on the way to becoming a recipient of the prestigious First In Math National All Star award.

Eric continued to play after the end of official competition on April 29, surpassing the 100,000-sticker mark to become the first 10X Grand Champion!

Stefanica explains that that after playing First in Math for two years, he decided to go for the win this year. "I love everything about First in Math; it is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice, and it has both basic and challenging games, which are a lot of fun!"

"I really like math, as you could have guessed by now," says Stefanica, who admits that he crafted a solid plan for success. "Playing consistently was key, and — as I was always taught — hard work really pays off."

First In Math creator, Robert Sun, says Stefanica’s accomplishment is quite literally one in a million. "He achieved his goal and became the #1 First In Math player in the world out of more than one million students competing. Along the way he set a record for number of Stickers earned, and spent about 800 hours solving nearly 300,000 math problems."

"It is an honor for me to see how this fourth grader approached his goal in a focused, strategic, and mindful way, solving the most rigorous games and word problems at an eighth-grade level," explains Sun. "Eric will go far in this world, and I wish him the very best in all his endeavors.”

When he's not solving math problems, what else does this energetic Champion enjoy? The answer is accompanied by a broad smile, "Taking my hovercraft for a drive around the park is a lot of fun!"

Editor's note: PS144Q, located in Forest Hills, Queens, ended the National Top Ten Rankings #1 in the State of New York and #9 in the Nation among First In Math's Top 100 Schools. In addition to National #1 Player Eric Stefanica, 72 students surpassed the 10,000-Sticker milestone to become First In Math Grand Champions.

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