First In Math is Practice Made Perfect

Practice Made Perfect with First In Math

Success in Math requires practice.

First In Math Online is a proven math-practice tool that leverages students’ love of online gaming to build math skills and create high levels of engagement.

Students play more than 200 meaningful K-8 math games they can relate to—games that are difficult enough to hold their interest but not so difficult that they give up in frustration. In this environment, students practice willingly, the way they do for sports!

At home or in class, students use FIM's Deep Practice approach to strengthen fact fluency, automaticity, computational thinking and other skills vital to math and STEM success like self-monitoring, goal-setting, adaptability and persistence. Another bonus? Reducing the time you spend practicing and reviewing math facts each day gives you more time for instruction. 

Where to begin

Focus Modules / Assessment / Goal Setting
1. Start with Just The Facts pre-/post-test module to create baseline data
2. Folllow with fluency modules: GYMS - VIFs - SKILL SETS - KNOW & SHOW
3. Use assessment data to monitor progress & measure growth
4. Set goals, target activity to achieve mastery

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