Login Problems

IMPORTANT! Check Error Messages!
The first thing to do is see what error message you get (below the logins, in red) as this will help you diagnose the problem.

Login Failed Message

If you get a message that says "Invalid Login" your login is incorrect, or you have mistyped it. The two most common errors are:

  1. Missing 2-digit prefix on User ID. All FIM Team User ID's begin with a 2-digit number, and end in two letters. Example: "03tiger7pa" (Note: Individual player license User IDs begin with a word, such as "play" followed by numbers, and ending with two letters.)
  2. Mis-typing the User ID or Password. (To make the Password login visible as you type, click the Display as Text button.)

Licensing Message

If you see an error message that says "All licenses purchased by your school are being used. No additional players can log on. Contact your Team Leader or Principal. To purchase additional licenses, click here" it means that your school has used up all of the User IDs it purchased, so no more players can sign on. Please contact your child's FIM Team Leader (Teacher).

Login Expired Message

If you see an error message that says "Login expired! Please renew your membership" it means that your license has expired. You need to input a current User ID & Password, or purchase a new one.

Can't Log In

If you cannot type on the Login page or do not see images on the Login page, your computer, software or browser may be too old to function with the First In Math site. Click here to view our Minimum System Requirements. The site is intended to function on hardware manufactured after 2012.

Bounce-back to Login Page

If you are bounced back to the login page immediately, it may be a problem with "Cookies." A security setting or Firewall can also be the culprit. Our servers have to be able to receive data from your computer in order to record the number of stickers earned and track the progress of game play, and "security" settings can interfere by blocking the information transfer. (We do not collect or Store Any Personal information about you-we simply track the player's progress through their User ID and Password.)

  1. Be sure your computer's Internet browser is set to ALLOW cookies, or you will not be able to log in. If you have your browser security level set to NOT accept cookies, you must manually add to your "accept" list.

  2. AOL users: If you connect to the internet with AOL, you may need to switch to an alternate browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox to play games on the First In Math® site)

Not Earning Stickers? 


Security Settings

High security settings may be the culprit when students report they cannot play or earn stickers. Check your browser's security settings. All popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, have unique preferences and security settings that can be modified by the user. If you are experiencing issues withe the FIM site, switch to an alternate browser. If the switch solves the problem, then your issue is probably browser-specific. You may or may not be able to adjust the settings/preferences to make the site accessible through your browser of choice.

Internet Cache Issues

You may need to reset (empty) your browser's Internet cache if you player seems "stuck" or is not advancing. Clearing the Internet cache is often necessary to solve certain web page and browser problems that can occur. The Internet cache is temporary storage area where locally saved copies of recent web pages you have visited, as well as frequently accessed data such as images, are stored for rapid access. Deleting it will not harm your computer. After emptying the cache you will need to QUIT your browser and reopen it.

Security / Firewall Issues

If you are using Firewall Software like 'Zone Lab's Zone Alarm' or 'Symantec's Norton Internet Security' or 'Symantec's Norton Personal Firewall', you will need to configure it to ALLOW "Private Headers" and ALLOW "Session Cookies".

If you need to tell your browser, anti-virus software or firewall to "ALLOW" the First In Math site, the best thing to do is ALLOW ALL FIM addresses, like this:


If you cannot use this approach, and need to put in a specific address, use:

General Information:

  • Refer to the Directions for each game for an in-depth explanation of scoring and additional ways to earn bonus stickers.
  • Answers to many questions can be found in our HELP section (You must be logged in).