FIM Webinars - By Request or Live!


Join us LIVE for a brief intro to First In Math—including Q&A period—on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Choose 11 AM or 3 PM (all times EST). Learn First In Math strategies, tools for distance learning and more. Email to reserve a seat. We will email you a link to your session and provide details.

By Request

FIM Guided Tour: Take a "walk" around the Student/Player Hub, and explore the content—and rigor—provided by each of our modules. What’s more, we’ll explain how First In Math allows you to focus on both Motivation and Assessment. Recognize your students for their hard work to keep them motivated. We will also preview the Assessment Reports that display the actionable data for First In Math offers teachers and administrators.
CLICK HERE to Schedule a tour.

Available anytime

Watch Pre-recorded Webinar (Length 55:50)

• Introduction: Play vs Preview
• Just The Facts: 1:38  |  Very Important Facts: 3:54
• Gyms: 5:40  |  K-2 World: 7:14
• Skill Sets: 9:55
• Know and Show: 15:19
• Bonus Games / Measurement World / Computational Thinking: 16:33
• Focus Mode: 29:06  |  Suggest Content: 31:58
• Resources/Standards: 38:32
• Assessments: 40:01
• Goals Index: 44:12
• Rankings: 51:03  |  Player of the Day: 52:22  |  Family Link: 54:09