Workout Gyms

The Workout GYMs are all about practice in a fast-paced environment students enjoy! A Silver Star shows successful completion of 12 math facts with no mistakes. Complete 24 facts correctly to earn a Gold Star. (Once a Gold Star is earned, no additional stickers are given for repeat plays of that number fact.)

Builds fluency.

Designed to focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication & division facts from 1 to 12.

1. Student chooses: Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals or Integers icon from the GYMS hub on Player Homepage.
2. Selects an operation: Add / Subtract / Multiply / Divide.
3. Selects a number fact: 1 through 12 for Whole Numbers Gym. (1/32 through 7/8 for Fractions Gym, etc)

Whole Numbers: 60 seconds / 120 seconds
Fractions: 120 seconds / 240 seconds
Decimals: 120 seconds / 240 seconds
Integers: 90 seconds / 180 seconds.

Real-time assessment.

GYMS data is available to all educators—from teachers through top-level admin—via an ASSESSMENT REPORT link on their FIM Homepage. Choose custom views, save data to spreadsheets.

Real-world success.

“I saw fewer basic math mistakes on my unit 7 test this week. First In Math GYMS made a difference.” —Dawn Jacobs (via Twitter)

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