Skill Sets

First In Math SKILL SETS® introduce challenges on a gradient, presenting eight levels of sequential practice to sharpen skills for all ages, abilities and skill levels and help children learn math online.

Game-based learning...based on the 24® Game

Since 1988, the 24 Game has helped millions of children expand their strategic thinking and adaptive reasoning abilities, laying the groundwork for higher-order skills such as Computational Thinking. First In Math is proud to be the exclusive internet home of the 24 Game! Skill Set Games Poster Quick Reference Guide (PDF) 

Multiple entry points to math learning

Challenges are curated for Grades 1 to 8, from early numeracy to advanced problem solving, and are targeted to skills students need to master at each grade level based on national and state standards. Students can build equations that range from single-step addition all the way up to multi-step algebra and exponents.

These specially-designed digital math games strengthen procedural fluency and encourage investigation, teaching students of all ages and abilities to creatively adapt and apply knowledge in a variety of situations. Untimed content allows each student to progress at his or her own pace.