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An essential 21st-century skill—COMPUTATIONAL THINKING—is a problem-solving process all students must learn. CT skills are a pathway to rewarding careers in ANY field—not just math.

Computational Thinking is not programming—it is the thinking process employed in understanding a problem and formulating a solution that takes place before coding can begin.

1. Breaking down a complex problem into smaller manageable parts
2. Focusing on the important information, ignoring irrelevant detail
3. Pattern recognition
4. Developing a step-by-step solution to the problem

Integrating CT into mathematics can help students better understand how to express procedures as a series of logical, precise, repeatable steps that deliver an expected result...and a correct solution.

The First In Math CT WORLD games strengthen the ability to think logically at several levels and multiple steps ahead. Games boost confidence in dealing with complexity, persistence in working with difficult problems, tolerance for ambiguity and the ability to deal with open-ended problems.   

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