24® Game and the 24 Challenge®

In 1988, inventor Robert Sun created the 24 game, a unique mathematics teaching tool. The 24 Game helps train young minds in the processes and patterns of mathematics, what Sun calls 'the method behind the math.'

As the original Single Digits 24 game evolved into nine different editions, Sun also created 24 Challenge Math Program competitions—or "tournaments" as they came to be known—based on the games. Before internet programs like First In Math became available, 24 Challenge tournaments were a unique way to unite the math education community and further engage students, schools and parents in a quest for academic excellence.

Nearly six million pupils participated in the 24 Challenge Math Program for more than 15 years. Today, many schools continue this tradition, and still conduct their own 24 Challenge events. The video here is a 'blast from the past' and celebrates 24 years of the 24 game!


BCPS News Segment on the 24 Challenge

The Legacy of the 24 Challenge