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Bethlehem Area School District Creates Math Achievement Record With First In Math® Online Program

Third graders from the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) have set a record in math achievement using the First In Math (FIM) Online Program. FIM is an online math-practice tool for grades K through 8. Implemented in 5,000 schools in the US and abroad, this unique curriculum supplement has impacted more than 20 million students since its inception.


First In Math Helps School District of Philadelphia Students Trend Upward in Math Eight years in a Row

According to the PA and the US Department of Education, The School District of Philadelphia experienced an outstanding 37.4 percentage-point increase in math scores since implementing the program in 2003.


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May 15, 2018
Our students are rid of the fear of maths! They are now seeking challenges as First In Math has given our students creativity in problem-solving and deep critical thinking skills. For the past two years, our school has been the Top School on FIM National Rankings, and last year our students solved 12 million maths problems – all with a sense of joy.

Seema Jerath, Principal
Darbari Lal Foundation Public School, Ghaziabad, India. (Winner of Advaith Foundation School Leadership Awards as ‘India’s 8 School Leaders who Strengthen Education Systems’)

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"Love FIM for so many reasons—just wish I had time to play more myself!!"

Anita Schuler
4th-grade Teacher
Hoover ES, Pittsburgh