Educator Questions About First In Math

What does the First In Math® Online Program do? 

First In Math is an online math-practice tool that leverages students’ love of gaming to build skills and create high levels of engagement. It delivers fluency in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, while advancing higher-order thinking skills such as mental math, problem solving, pattern sensing, reasoning and number sense through Deep Practice.

Can I use it with all my students? 

YES! First In Math is appropriate for addition- through algebra-ready students, and aligns to standards. Broad content with an open-ended, self-pacing design is ideal for differentiated instruction and individualized learning plans. We automatically set a Focus Mode — Early (K2), Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced. Each takes the child to grade-level material. Teachers retain the flexibility to make adjustments and allow students to work in additional areas.

Is it easy to use? 

The feedback we most often hear is "If I had known it was this easy, I would have done it long ago!" Automatic Awards encourage students to push forward; you employ easy-to-use tools for assessing their proficiency.

Is it effective? 

Scientific-based studies demonstrate that test scores elevate and attitudes about math also improve. Just minutes a day — in the classroom or at home — can increase math success and get kids excited! Students start on "easier" material and work through more challenging content. Every game in every module includes positive feedback to boost confidence.

Can I stay in touch with students at home? 

Message a student or the whole class at any time from your Teacher Homepage using our Notifications system. Students can send you messages, too, and you can both reply to each other — all within First In Math.


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