Measurement World

Measurement is a mathematics skill students encounter constantly in their daily lives. MEASUREMENT WORLD strengthens this skill through games that focus on Money, Time, Length, Distance, Area, Volume and Weights As in the BONUS area, some games will not be available until certain benchmarks have been achieved.

Equal Pay

The Equal Pay Bonus Game is a wonderful activity for younger students that helps them recognize and count denominations of coins and bills currently in circulation.

Like many First In Math games, it also contains a few twists that encourage students to think 'outside the box'. All denominations up to $100 bills are included, with exception of the $2 bill, as it is rarely encountered.

Time More or Less

The TIME More Or Less Bonus Game is a wonderful activity that helps students tell time on analog clocks. Each game begins with a time line and analog clocks that appear at varying intervals. Each clock displays a time selected from a range of times. Students place emerging clocks on a time line in their proper order.

Equal Time

The Equal Time Bonus Game helps younger students strengthen skills involving clocks and time. In the "easy" rounds of the game, students are shown panels displaying different time formats and asked to select panels that display equal times. More advanced modes of play show six panels. Time is displayed in a random mix of digital, analog or text format. Game intensifies as player's skill increases.

Passing Time

The  Passing Time Bonus Game operates similarly to Equal Time, but adds more complexity, with a focus on ELAPSED time.

Rounds 3 and 4 include two-clock panels that provide practice calculating  ELAPSED TIME - often a weak spot for some students.

Equal Length

The Equal Length Bonus Game helps students compare lengths, using inches, feet, yards and miles. Students first select three bars that show equal lengths. The Equal Length game is offered in three modes. Play U.S. Customary (feet/inches, etc.), Metric or Mixed versions of the game!

Equal Weight

The EQUAL WEIGHT Bonus Game helps students become comfortable with weights. Offered in three modes of play: U.S. Customary (ounces, pounds and tons), Metric or Mixed versions of the game! (Mixed edition shown here.) Game intensifies as player's skill increases. Every 60 points a player earns causes a level change. Levels 1 & 2 allow an unlimited number of mistakes.

Area/Perimeter 2D

Students select an area and a perimeter from the options given and then "draw" an object that is equal to BOTH the area and perimeter selected. Game 1: Given the Area and/or Perimeter, you must draw the matching object. Games 2 to 7: Select an Area and a Perimeter from up to two options for each, then draw the matching object. Games 8 to 15: Select an Area and a Perimeter from up to three options for each, then draw the matching object. Some games are presented in whole units and some are in half units.

Making Change

A player is shown three main panels: COST, PAID and CHANGE and must "count out" the correct change. Click on a dollar/cent selection tab on the bottom of the screen to count out a denomination, in coins or bills. Click on a coin or a bill to delete it. You are allowed to use a maximum of 12 bills and 23 coins. Challenge level increases as you advance in levels, games and rounds.

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